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Why Damp Proof?

Dampness can contribute to numerous serious issues, including mould build up, termite infestations, structural damage, as well as numerous health issues.


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We're specialists in the removal and prevention of rising damp with over 20 years experience. We help our customers with all facets of dampness repair and prevention.


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Dampness and Rising Damp can cause major issues to your property and to the health of yourself and your family. Dampness can impact the structural strength of your property, walls can become weak and in severeĀ cases, can collapse.

Our special damp proofing techniques can firstly remove the existing dampness from your walls and roof, as well as injecting special resins into the wall to detract future rising damp.

Health issues are another major hazard with rising damp. Dampness and humidity provide mould with a perfect breeding ground and we all know that mould, when breathed in, can cause major health issues including respiratory problems.

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