We're Sydney's leading Damp Proofing specialists with over 25 Years Of Experience.


Why Damp Proof?

Dampness can contribute to numerous serious issues, including mould build up, termite infestations, structural damage, as well as numerous health issues.


What we do

We're specialists in the removal and prevention of rising damp with over 25 years experience. We help our customers with all facets of dampness repair and prevention.


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Sydney Rising Damp Solutions: Over 25 Years of Expertise in Damp Proofing

Experience the best in damp proofing with Sydney Damp Proofing, your go-to experts in Sydney with over 25 years of experience. We are renowned for our professional, reliable damp proofing services, extending across the Sydney region.

Safeguard Your Home Against Rising Damp

Rising damp isn’t just a minor issue; it poses significant threats to both your property’s structure and your family’s health. With over two decades of expertise, Sydney Damp Proofing specialises in reinforcing the structural integrity of your property. Our advanced techniques not only eradicate existing dampness from walls and roofs but also prevent future incidents by injecting specialized resins for long-lasting protection.

Combat Health Risks with Experienced Professionals

Over the years, we’ve seen firsthand the health dangers posed by rising damp. The moist environment it creates is a perfect breeding ground for mould, which can lead to severe respiratory issues. With our extensive experience, we’ve developed efficient strategies to combat these health hazards effectively.

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For over 25 years, Sydney Damp Proofing has been at the forefront of combating rising damp. Our team, equipped with years of knowledge and expertise, is committed to delivering top-tier service. Protect your property and health from the risks of rising damp. Call our experienced and friendly team today at 0404 865 211 for a comprehensive solution to your damp proofing needs. Trust the experts with a proven track record – let Sydney Damp Proofing handle your rising damp concerns with professionalism and care.

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