Why Damp Proof?

Damp Proofing eliminates the threat or symptoms of rising damp from your home

Why damp proofing sydney
Build up of dangerous mould from rising damp

Rising damp causes numerous to your health and the structural integrity of your home.

Whether rising damp causes you health problems or structural damage, it is recommended to repair your dampness issues as soon as possible in order to avoid even more serious issues in future.

Rising damp in buildings may be defined as the flow of water up through the wall structure, the water coming from ground water. The water rises through the pores in the building.

Health Issues

Unwanted dampness attracts the growth of various fungi and in turn can produce mould. Mould, when inhaled can cause numerous health complications, on rare occassions some of the more dangerous moulds can even be fatal.

Moulds grow on any surface where there is excess moisture with high humidity levels, combined with a lack of sunlight, moulds have the opportunity to get worse over time. Airborne mould concentrations have the potential to be inhaled and have huge health effects. Wiping the mould away is a temporary solution, damp proofing is a permanent fix which will address the root cause of what’s causing the dampness.

Building and Structural Issues

Rising damp can cause huge structural issues to buildings. Moisture can cause rotting in wood, loosen wallpaper, stain walls and affect the structural integrity and strength of a building which can result in an unsafe environment.

Externally, bricks may crumble and salt stains may appear on the walls, steel and iron fasteners rust. In extreme cases, mortar or plaster may fall away from the affected wall. It is in the best interest of the owner of the property to have rising damp repaired properly, as over time, rising damp can potentially affect the value of the property.

A wide range of instruments and techniques can be used to investigate the presence of moisture in building materials, at Sydney Damp Proofing, we have years of experience in the detection and repair of rising damp in homes, offices and buildings.

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